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Beare Technologies encompass a number of inventions developed by the remarkable original thinker Malcolm John Beare, inventive Technology development such as the Beare Head Sixstroke Engine, the Beare Bike Triple, the Radial Rod among other.  The Malcolm Beare prototypes currently under development encompass Malcolm Beare’s latest  Technologies, and will soon result in production ready variants of the Beare Sixstroke Automotive Innovations.



A studied automotive engineer, and fresh thinking Inventor. Owner of Sixstroke Engine Developments P/L, Beare Head P/L, and Beare Technology P/L.


Beare History

Inventor's Background | History of the Technology

Inventor's Background

Malcolm John Beare was born to a rural farming family in Balaclava South Australia in May 1951.

Malcolm grew up surrounded by the farm machinery, motorcycles, motor cars, tractors, harvesters, and other mechanical implements belonging to the Beare family farm. Malcolm's father, Keith Albert Beare, taught young Malcolm the use of farm machinery and ways around the family tool shed. At the age of 10 Malcolm was harrowing the farms fields straddled upon a Red AWD6 International tractor, his mechanical inclination, natural ability and understanding of all mechanical machines and ability to rectify most broken machines single handedly evolved into Malcolm being called upon to carry out engineering repairs, modification, adaptations of everything motor related to keeping the wheels of the family farm turning.

Malcolm completed primary and most of his secondary studies in rural South Australia, but family needs and circumstances meant missing out on matriculating in Adelaide City.


History of the Technology

The "Beare Head Six Stroke" is an amazing combustion engine breakthrough; it is in my mind the most significant advancement of the piston engine since Mr. Otto brought us the four cycle version of the past century.

"Malcolm Beare" first conceived the original concept in 1973 whilst he was only a young man, his family could not afford the money required to send Malcolm for his metric study in Adelaide, his available time and hard working ethic, coupled with his machinery expertise were all needed to help them work his family's large farm.

Malcolm had during his teenage years owned, modified and rode no less than 6 differing versions of agricultural single cylinder Suzuki farm bikes, this love for two wheelers has been with Malcolm throughout his growing years.

The "Beare Head Six Stroke" concept continued to germinate however, and his desire to turn his idea into a working reality was overpowering and compelling. Whilst Malcolm's days working on the farm were very long and laborious, his "Six Stroke" dream led him into buying many technical books, studying combustion engine theory and engine thermodynamics at night, he studied previous inventors and alternative cylinder/head inventions/methods attempted, he got to intimately know each previous inventor and their slant towards their particular final working model.

Malcolm studied the workings of lathes, mill's, boring, machining, metal folding, steel fabrication, he began constructing basic prototype parts under an open air lean to shed behind the family farmhouse in South Australia, and continued to hone his skills and perfect his machine into his first working and fully functioning prototype.

During the following couple of decades, "Malcolm Beare" bought his own farm, established his own engineering business, he got married, raised 5 children, and still continued to pursue his "Beare Head Six Stroke dream".

Malcolm single handedly built 5 working and fully functioning prototypes including two Yamaha 500 single cylinder and a Ducati V twin, "Malcolm's Beare Head Six Stroke" achievements were analysed and endorsed by scholastic institution, were presented to Engine Technology International Exhibition in Stuttgart Germany and received the praise and accolades of his peers, were published in countless motorcycle and technical periodicals, and received the commendation and admiration of the worlds Internal Combustion Engine enthusiastic community.

Like many great inventions however, the Beare Head Six Stroke has during the past decade been subjected to and has endured the all too familiar pirating and poaching attempts.

Since late 2001, "Malcolm Beare and progress of his Beare Head Six Stroke invention" had been shackled against Malcolm's wishes, the "Beare Head Six Stroke" technology has been through many years of imposed stagnation and dormant inactivity.

Judge Jayne Jagot of The Federal Court NSW, brought down a verdict late 2010 in favour of Malcolm Beare and his fellow respondents, and published her judgement against the 4 applicants of Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham engines P/L, dismissing their application and claims entirely, and ordering all 4 to singly and severally pay Malcolm Beare’s and the collective respondents costs, and recommending that her published reasons for judgement be referred to ASIC to take action as they may see fit.     

SEE CHAPTER OF TRUTH for further details and links to the Federal Court Judgements.

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