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WELCOME BACK TO THE Chapter of Truth 15 FEB 2011

As you may be aware, this website and in particular the Chapter of Truth revelations ended up been muted and taken off line since early 2008 to assist the Federal Court Sydney case progress unhindered to trial.    

The court application and sizable log of claims filed in the Fed Court late 2007 by Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines, against my self, Steve, and a number of other respondents including my wife Janette, finally reached trial before Judge Jagot at Fed Court Sydney 26th October 2009, concluded 19 Feb 2010 followed by last submissions 24 May 2010.


Judge Jagot handed down her judgement on the 19th August 2010 totally dismissing the applicant’s application & claims, and delivered her findings in favour of my self, Steve, and the remaining respondents. Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines P/L totally failed, Judge Jagot ordered all 4 applicants to singly and severally pay our respondents costs, during early October 2010, Judge Jayne Jagot re-affirmed and further expanded upon her August delivered judgement/orders in our favour, after Mr. King (the barrister for the applicants) unsuccessfully attempted to extricate Sir Jack from liability on the issue of costs. Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines P/L totally failed in their application and claims & were were accordingly ordered to pay the respondents costs including travel, accommodation, and such as agreed or taxed.


See links to both of Judge Jayne Jagot (August & October 2010) judgements below.          Federal Court Sydney Judgement published 19th August 2010        Federal Court Sydney Judgement published 8th October 2010


Complaint Denied

WIPO Domain Complaint filed against our company (Case No 2007-0292), prepared and lodged by Mrs. Gail Casey on behalf of Jack Brabham Engines P/L has been –DENIED-, please see the following link for more information:

You may notice that the Judge ordered the Applicants to return to me my tools, parts, and equipment wrongfully detained by Alan Casey for many years, additionally, Judge Jagot’s reasons for judgement level findings of misleading and deceptive conduct against Alan Casey, and order that her published reasons for judgement be referred to ASIC for it to take action as it may see fit.      

Thank you,

Malcolm Beare  


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