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Latest news;  Federal Court of Australia Sydney 19 August & 8 October 2010



STOP PRESS           15 Feb 2011

As most of our well wishing friends and supporters know; I have had my website switched off line and muted since early 2008 to assist the Federal Court Action filed against me proceed to Trial.

I am thrilled to announce that the Federal Court trial concluded late 2010 & that Judge Jayne Jagot delivered her verdict in our favour and against the Applicants Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines P/L. see below.

The time has come to re activate my sixstroke website live once again, and sincerely thank the many kind souls whom weighed in generously in volumes supporting us during the past few years. I don’t believe that words alone adequately describe the gratitude Steve and I feel towards all of our supportive friends and colleagues.  

My family & I are indebted to and thank from the bottom of our hearts, and specifically, Michael, David, Steve, Charles, Colin, Sue, Russell, Larry, Bala, Shirley, Boyd, Alan, Peter, Dom, Jo, Bruce, Dean & Adair, Bill SH, Bill SW, Rick, Phill, Donna, & Barry. Forgive me if I have inadvertently left any of you out of the list at this point, my only excuse and defense is my aging memory cells.

(The Federal Court Application and sizable log of claims filed in the Fed Court Sydney late 2007 by Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines, against my self, Steve, and a number of other respondents including my wife Janette, finally reached trial before Judge Jagot at Fed Court Sydney 26th October 2009, the trial concluded 19 Feb 2010 followed by last submissions 24 May 2010.


Judge Jagot handed down her judgment on the 19th August 2010 totally dismissing the applicant’s application & denying them their claims entirely, Judge Jagot delivered her findings in favour of my self, Steve, and the remaining respondents. Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines P/L totally failed, Judge Jagot ordered all 4 applicants to singly and severally pay our respondents costs. During early October 2010, Judge Jayne Jagot re-affirmed and further expanded upon her August delivered judgment/orders in our favour, following Mr. King’s (the barrister for the unsuccessful applicants) unsuccessful attempt to extricate Sir Jack from liability on the issue of costs. JUSTICE WAS SERVED; Alan Casey, Gail Casey, Sir Jack Brabham, and Jack Brabham Engines P/L totally failed in their application and mammoth claims, Judge Jagot denied them entirely and accordingly ordered the four of them singly and severally to pay the respondents costs including travel, accommodation, and such as agreed or taxed.   


See links to both of Judge Jayne Jagot (August & October 2010) judgments below.          Federal Court Sydney Judgment published 19th August 2010        Federal Court Sydney Judgment published 8th October 2010


You may notice that the Judge ordered the Applicants to return to me my tools, parts, and equipment wrongfully detained by Alan Casey for many years, additionally, Judge Jagot’s reasons for judgment level findings of misleading and deceptive conduct against Alan Casey, and order that her published reasons for judgment be referred to ASIC for it to take action as it may see fit. )


Thank you once again,

Malcolm Beare  



Stop Press

Landmark decision against Alan Casey and Jack Brabham Engines. Read the article >

25 June 2007

Malcolm, Steve and the team would like to send out a big thank you and their gratitude to Russell White for the many years of continued loyal support of Malcolm Beare and our new Six Stroke alliance. You can visit Russell's website Drop Bears by clicking here.

24 June 2007

A big thank you is extended to Matt Pini and the team at Pini Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys of Ringwood for their professional service and help. For more information on their services please click here.

21 June 2007

Links Page updated

We have added links to various forums and discussions relating to the Beare Head and Six Stroke engine technologies. There are many varied and interesting topics covered including input from Malcolm and Steve. Click here to view the links.



19 February 2007

The 59 Club drop by to inspect the Beare Head in person - 19th Feb 2007

Six Stroke Engine Developments P/L are proud to sponsor and support, the 59 Club of Australia. Please have a look at

We thank Shadow & Butch for taking time out to visit our research and development centre, and are grateful of their enthusiastic interest and genuine support of our project, our Beare Head Six Stroke machines will make special appearances during this clubs forthcoming race meetings and club gatherings.


59 Club

59 Club
59 Club

19 April 2007

Another big thank you goes out to Ian Drysdale, John and the team at Drysdale Motorcycles for their professional service, attention to detail and continued support of the six-stroke project. Ian and the team are responsible for the innovative Drysdale V8 motorcycle along with other unique designs.

For more information on Ian's ingenious designs please visit

19 April 2007

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Warren Eames from Flowbench Manufacturing Australia for all his help and continued support. Below is Malcolm at work on the MK10 flowbench from Warren.

For more information on the flowbenches made by F.M.A please take a look at their website


20 February 2007

We thank the SR500 club of Australia for making contact with us and extending their kind support, and would be pleased to join them during one of their near future club gatherings, presenting and demonstrating our Beare Headed Six Stroke motorcycles.

Please have a look at this great club at

15 February 2007

We thank Matt and his team from Birdman Motorcycle Accessories for their enormous assistance and friendly service, we are proud to be associated with such great people caring for our development. For all your wholesale motorcycle accessory needs log onto

10 February 2007

We thank Clipstone Yamaha of Ringwood Victoria for their kind support, the spare parts team have gone beyond the call of duty in providing us with the parts required at sensational prices, Thank you guys for your enthusiastic support. For all your Yamaha motorcycle needs contact Clipstone Yamaha

Clipstone Yamaha

20 December 2006

Many thanks to Paul, Glen and the team at H & L Moodie electrical for their prompt service and thoughtful electrical wiring advice, it is fantastic having such professional experts looking after our research & development electrical wiring needs, thank you guys.

For the outmost in your Commercial Electrical contracting needs, please go to H & L Moodie Electrical services

H&L Moodie Electrical Services


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